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“A serie of watercolour paintings and ink drawings”

In the summer of 2009 I immersed myself in the breathtaking nature and culture of the Scottish west coast for 7 weeks. Inspired by the standing stones, stone circles and cups and rings plateaus, which have existed for centuries in this specific area.

Extensive research and conversations with archeologists and scientists in this field of expertise did not provide me with answers I had hoped for. While having absorbed all the existing knowledge, I was left with many unanswered questions and gaps in written history.

Next step for me is to let go of all this written knowledge, to start from a blank page. I allowed the surroundings and my intuition to lead me, in order to discover what kind of ‘information’ presents itself to me. The challenge is to acknowledge and express the quality of each stone. To let ‘old knowledge’ be presented in a new way. I wanted to solidify the form beyond the perceptible physical form, in order to achieve an entire new way of preservation.

In my studio, I work out my sketches and findings and abstract them into watercolour paintings. Each painting is a translation of one object: one ‘standing stone’ and one ‘cups and rings plateau’ or a stone circle. And one diptych that represents the whole area.

The ink drawings are abstracted landscapes. In these works, I have literally transferred the symbols of the plateaus.

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