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Seizing the moment, what is the moment? What does it look like, as a shape?Beyond yourself and free from thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Right to the essence. To a pure form of perception. That state of being, for me, is where art comes from. The moment, reflected. By the NooNoo’s.

“Acrylic and enamel paint on cloth”

The NooNoo’s mark the beginning of my art making. This title refers to my name because the NooNoo’s literally reflect my inner inspiration source, the base where my creation derives from. Colorful, dynamic and organic images traced and connected by black outlines. These first pieces resulted in a successful first exhibition, which motivated me to continue as an artist. Meanwhile the work has developed in a new dimension: the NooNooExperience. More details are to be found on the homepage, button NooNooExperience.   7 (out of 26) original painted works are for sale.

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