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The Indiaensch Cabinet forms the heart of the porcelain collection of Huizinghe de Loet in ’s-Hertogenbosch. The cabinet is inspired by examples from the Loo and Charlottenburg, the Dutch-Japanese palace in Dresden and other 17th and 18th century palaces.

With its lavish interior and whether or not symbolic references to both 17th and 18th century China and Europe, the cabinet is both a special display and an allegory of a porcelain collection.

The essence from this collection is illustrated in the famous quote of August the Strong: ‘j’ai la maladie de porcelain’.
(Source: de Loet ’s-Hertogenbosch, Jan van Oudheusden).

The walls of the Indaensch Cabinet were hand painted by me, following the passion of Clemens and Neeltje van de Ven. The painting shows the intertwining of the Dutch and Chinese culture, the trade between The Netherlands and China from Marco Polo to the present and the extraordinary facts about the porcelain.

Not open for viewing.

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