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Megalithic temples and hypogea (which are believed to be older than Stonehenge and the pyramids of Gizeh) are situated on an island whose existence is unknown to most: the Maltese island of Gozo.

The island is still being researched by archeologists to unravel the meaning of these temples and hypogea. It is very likely that the majority of them still remain undiscovered to this day.

One of the theories that go about these structures is that they were used for the fertility cycle, most possibly the mother earth cycle. This could explain the archeological finds of Venus figures with the Maltese legend of the Sleeping Lady as most profound example.

I was strongly drawn to this place to visit and experience it, especially Gozo.

Being there in 2013 I was able to obtain information, far beyond the current knowledge. Old knowledge, remembered all over again. These insights have been translated in ink drawings, using pointillism.

Like each grain of sand forms the world. Grain for grain. Old knowledge is shaped. Dot for dot.’

Many thanks to Heritage Malta for their magnanimity.

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