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Project ‘Water’

Project Water is an ode to the water.

Water as source of life, source of existence.

In earlier days people gathered together around a well, cities were built around them. During times the use of the wells seem to be forgotten. Eventhough people are still attracked to them, to the place they are sited.

With the project ‘Water’ i would like to create consciousness and bring attention to importance of water and in specific to the earth’s most ancient water. The myth of the Aboriginals about the Rainbow serpent is my greatest inspiration.

The project is an installation. Twelve geometries, each on its own piece of hand painted wood that measures fifty-one by fifty-one centimeters. Each geometry echoes to a place on earth, a place of ancient water sources. In the middle there’s a sculpture of wood, its function of a sundial. The light awaking the ancient wells. The tree is covered in drawings of fire and hand painted symbols, beeswax within the tree. Copper connects each geometry to the sculpted tree.

The project will travel to these 12 places on earth. Before it starts to travel abroad, it first will travel through the 12 provinces of my own (water) country The Netherlands. Each province will get its unique geometry which symbolizes the source of that province.

The travel of the project started in my city of birth ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NL), province Noord Brabant.

Next province is to follow soon.

More information will be announced later.

Installation, various materials 2012-2013

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