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From Craftswoman to Artist

After studying at the Stedelijk Gymnasium in ’s-Hertogenbosch – followed by many travels and side roads – I decided to start painting.  I cemented the basis at the International and highly renowned Institut van der Kelen et Logelain in Brussels; an intensive and solid-based crafts study, where I learned everything there is to know about the use of materials and techniques. Based on this foundation I was able to start my own business as a decorative painter. During this time I took private drawing lessons from Guido van de Griendt (an old teacher of the Tilburg Academy) for many years. Guido didn’t just teach me how to look, but how to actually ‘see’, in a broader sense.

I also joined the sculpting academy (VABK) in Driebergen, as a student and later as a teacher. In the meantime I trained myself in personal and consciousness development during a study in artistic dynamic coaching (at the Kleine Tiki in Breda). Again, first as a student, later as a teacher. Furthermore I have schooled myself in various forms of shamanism and energy work. I always look for an individual approach, outside of the regular paths. This has taught me that one of the best forms of education is life itself. All of the above has shaped me into the artist I am today.

With regards to decoration works I solely focus on projects that are about preserving or mapping out cultural heritage. Within this field Chinoiserie is my specialism.
As an artist I start my projects by researching the culture, archeology and geology of the place extensively. I work very closely with local heritage organizations as well as researchers, whereupon I allow myself to let all this knowledge rest aside and focus on what is.

Partially because of my skilled control of brush and paint I am able to elevate from the materials and let my intuition lead me in the process of painting and creating. Craft transformed into art.